Livestock buildings

Maximum comfort. Make your farm more profitable.

Buildings for cows

Maximum profit in cattle and dairy farms.

Nave ganado vacuno
  • Maxima rentabilidad

    Maximum profitability. Minimum investment cost.

  • Luz natural

    Natural sunlight

    Dry atmosphere and better fertility.

  • Estabulación bien ventilada

    Well ventilated farms

    Healthy animals and clean farm.

  • Ambiente fresco

    Cool atmosphere

    Insulating roof. Animals in a cool atmosphere in summer.

  • Naves modulares

    Modular Buildings

    Easy to expand the farm. Versatile farm

  • Ventilations

    Clean and fresh air for the cows. Lateral, side and frontal ventilations for ventilating while protecting the caws from direct air breeze.

  • Natural sunlight

    Skylights on the coverings. Inside part of the roof in white color to reflect the light.

  • Isolation

    Isolation with rock wool in the roof. Cows cooler in hot summers and free of condensation drops.

  • Versatility

    Structure designs facilitates future enlargements of the farm and modifications.