Livestock buildings

Maximum comfort. Make your farm more profitable.

Buildings for sheeps

Maximum profit in sheep cattle farms.

Máxima rentabilidad para instalación ovejas
  • Maxima rentabilidad

    Maximum profitability. Minimum investment cost.

  • Económico

    Very economic construction

    Wide arrange of solutions.

  • Naves modulares


    Wide range of dimensions. Easy to enlarge the installation in future.

  • Ambiente fresco

    Optimal temperature – appropriate environment

    Good isolation and ventilation.

  • Very economic construction

    Low investment. Profitable farm.

  • Ventilations

    Clean and fresh air for the sheep. Ventilations for protecting the sheep from low temperatures and breezes.

  • Isolation

    Isolation with rock wool and sandwich panel to isolate from temperature and noise. Sheep less stress.

  • Versatility

    Structure design facilitates future enlargements of the farm and modifications.